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Garden  Paint and Stitch kit (with tutorial included)
  • Garden Paint and Stitch kit (with tutorial included)


    Everything you need to create  this picture above is included in the Garden  "Paint and Stitch Kit”.  It is a multi layered piece of artwork, beginning with watercolours and then fabric is added and finally it is finished off with a few simple hand stitches. 

    The kit contains 2 prepared calico backgrounds, 3  professional quality watercolour paints, a paint palette, 2 brushes, a needle,  a selection of embroidery threads, some fabric pieces  and the 'flat glue’ or  steam a seam to attach it.  I also include a mount board for you to attach your work to and access to an online tutorial where I demonstrate the steps and share tips on how to complete this artwork. 

     Overall the work measures 15cm x 18cm  approx and the only extras you will need to complete the kit are a pair of scissors and some PVA glue to attach your work to the mount board.


      The  online tutorial included with this will guide you through each layer and included in this tutorial  is a demonstration on how to prepare your own calico background should you want to carry on making more pictures in this way... It really is like coming to a workshop with me in my studio! 


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