Online Create Workshops 



Create workshops have moved ONLINE! If you fancy doing something completely distracting

and fully absorbing, then book a Create workshop with me for yourself or a group of your friends.


Over the course of an hour and a half, I'll guide you through how to create three gorgeous postcards and the

kit with everything you need to do this will arrive in advance by post. It's as if you're in my studio from 

the comfort of your own home!

Your workshop kit will include:

-4 pans of professional watercolour paint 

-Paint palette 

-3 watercolour weight postcards  and envelopes 

-Practice watercolour paper 

-Thoughtful phrases to add to your cards 

-Glue to attach the words 

-2 paintbrushes 

- Hand painted fabric bag to keep it altogether.

£30 per person 

It is lots of fun and easy to set up with friends and family, both near and far, a great and relaxed way to connect. Makes a change from just talking on zoom! And no more quizzes! 

Follow this link to my shop to buy an 


Postcard Painting ONLINE Workshop