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Create, details to follow 

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Welcome to our new look "create sessions."

So many of us , me included, are looking for a little creative time in the midst of our busy lives so  I thought we could  start with some collage as its not too messy , very playful and doesn't take too long to make something , so a couple of cards can be popped together in the 2 hours of "me 'time 


I have a selection  of hand printed paper and some watercolour postcards and your only job is to come and have a play with it all, see if an image comes together , or paint little background and stick on a tree as in the postcard above ! 

It's playful and as its only paper and a bit of glue there's no pressure to make a masterpiece. Just an opportunity to see what you can see . 


There are 4 places for each create session. I will have a nibble of some cake and coffee for you too.


 Create and collage sessions are for 2 hours and differ from a workshop in that you are a bit more self sufficient so I will start you off and show you the way but the idea is you  help yourself to any collage materials I have and  have a bit of a create yourself.  

Price is £20 to include paper, postcards , envelopes , coffee and cake 

Dates for the create and collage are :

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