Workshop 1. watercolours 



I learnt how to paint watercolours by having a play and this is how I teach!

I assume no previous experience and we will have fun as we paint!

We practice and play and then paint a few postcards. These can then be stitched onto and words added. They can be left as a postcard or added to a mount and framed.

 Trees are  featuring  highly in this new season of watercolours, so much fun to paint 

 Dates available for  watercolour workshop : Here are my planned  dates but if you have want to book out a session with a couple of friends  then please do and email me and we can pop in your own private session email

Playful Watercolour Dates 

Wednesday 15th June 7pm 1 place 

Thursday 21st July 7pm 

Please state preferred date in notes section of cart 

Click here to book playful watercolour workshop 

We're starting small with workshops for 3 people  so there's space around you   and I have allowed a little extra workshop time so there is no hurry  and there is  no rush. The usual tea and cake are on hand to see us through the 2 and half hours. 

£35 for a 2 and a half hour workshop

and includes all materials, postcards, practice sheets, large and small  and envelopes should you choose to paint postcards or the option to mount it onto mount board...