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Playful watercolours 


I learnt how to paint watercolours by having a play and this is how I teach!

I assume no previous experience and we will have fun as we paint!

We practice and play and then paint a few postcards. 

 You get try out different watercolour papers, learn a few watercolour tricks and try out the joy of painting with inks! they are beautifully unpredictable .

Add layers and details with brushes ,calligraphy pens and collage papers , see what you like, what makes the painting yours...

It's all about  painting  playfully and you will surprise yourself I promise !

 Just so many things to play with in your 2 and a half hours . . . 


£35 for a 2 and a half hour workshop

and includes all materials, postcards, gift tags and greetings cards, practice sheets and envelopes  or if you like it enough we can always mount your artwork onto mount board...


 Dates available for  watercolour workshop : Here are my planned  dates but if you have want to book out a session with a couple of friends  then please do and email me and we can pop in your own private session email

Playful Watercolour Dates 

Wednesday 3rd July 10am -fully booked 

Wednesday 17th July 10am 1 place 

Please state preferred date in notes section of cart 

Click here to book playful watercolour workshop 

We're starting small with workshops for up to 4  people  so there's space around you   and I have allowed a little extra workshop time so there is no hurry  and there is  no rush. The usual tea and florentines  are on hand to see us through the 2 and half hours. 

 watercolour Workshop 

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