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workshop 3.flower printing workshop 

Beginners Lino printing 


So this has been fun to learn .... Reduction Lino printing.

It's as it says on the tin! We draw a design and carve away some of it , take a print or 10 and then carve away a little more.

We will use an easy carve Lino so it feels a little bit like carving plasticine! 


It's very fun and you can keep it as simple as you like  or feel free to leap off the deep end  and into a little picture! ... It's perfect to make a few bespoke cards or pictures.





 £45 for the two and half hour workshop 

Click here to book a   Lino Printing  workshop



Dates available for the Lino  workshop are below. These are my planned dates but if you want to book out a session with a couple of friends for a birthday or a catch up then please do email me and we can pop in your own private session



Friday 21st June  10 am 4 places 

Wednesday 10th July 10am 4 places 

Thursday 18th July 10am 4 places 

Please state your preferred date in the notes section of the cart

and click here to book a Lino workshop




I'm keeping workshops small so there's more space around you and the usual tea and florentines  are on hand to see us through the 2 and a  half hours ! 

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