workshop 3.flower printing workshop 

Flower Printing Workshop

 Printing Workshop

 SO much fun to be had in this two and. half hour  workshop.

-Print with flowers,

-print using a  gelli plate to make your own abstract paper / cards

-make a picture ,

-make a tree decoration and pop it in little frame , all included in the workshop price 

It's deliciously messy workshop with so many creative possibilities squashed into the two and half hours ! 

 It's a  proper play!    

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flower printing workshop postcard -page-

£35 for a 2 and a half hour workshop

and includes all materials and a variety of paper, cards and tags. I have allowed for  the one framed hanging decoration per person but 

I do have a  selection of  other small frames available to buy should you  make more and want  to frame them  ! 

Dates available for the  Printing workshop : Here are my planned  dates but if you have want to book out a session with a couple of friends and a glass of something to catch up please do and email me and we can pop in your own private session email

 Printing Workshop Dates 

Tuesday 9th  November 7pm 3 places 

Wednesday 17th November  10am 1 place 

Thursday 25th November 10am 1 place 

Tuesday 30th November 7pm 3 places 

Friday 10th December 2.30pm SOLD OUT 

Wednesday 15th December 7pm sold out  

Please state your preferred section of  the notes section of the cart and click here

to book flower printing 

We're starting small with workshops for 3 people  so there's space around you   and I have allowed a little extra workshop time so there is no hurry  and there is  no rush. The usual tea and cake are on hand to see us through the 2 and half hours.