Junior  term time Art classes  


Are now in the studio!  

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After the year and half  we've all just had I wanted to create a light and airy space  for our junior artists to play and create in, to switch off and make some art.  


So I am launching  a  JUNIOR ART CLASS to run during the term time.


I have previously run many workshops during the school holidays as one off sessions but a  class will allow us to take a bit of time to explore and play with each art medium , to see how they work and what we like about them. 

 We will  explore  the theme of " The Colours of Nature "

The class will be an introduction to watercolour painting, acrylic paint , and simple printing. 


 Creativity and playing creatively is vital for the feeding of our souls and to calm our busy minds  and  it's one of the many life skills to pass onto our children.  I hope to provide a space to "try out" a few new art skills, to see what they can see and to play. 

Painting, printing  and actually anything  creative helps us to stop and really look at colour, texture and most importantly to see the detail in nature.  

The colour we see  in nature will be our inspiration 

IMG_7969 2.heic

I am starting  with small classes for 4  children  per session so there's  a little  extra space  for us all.


The class will  be for an hour and a 15 mins on  week days  after school 4.30-5.45pm

and the cost will be £20 per session.

Monday and Tuesday are now fully booked


but  do contact me if interested in either a Wednesday or Thursday class after school as beginning a new class in September, thanks 

 I would suggest the age to enjoy the class the most is from age 10- 18 years.

And each child will be given an art portfolio when they join the class to keep examples of their work in. 

 student Art Portfolio