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Christmas wreaths 


It's a little bit different this year ... we've had to say goodbye to the hand tied shape as the centre floral foam is a no-go for the environment and we are saying a cheery hello to the flouncy and full circular wreath. It has  all the same delicious greenery as before and  can have prettiness attached but this one we make from moss and it begins with a copper ring . 

The beauty of this one is we are using twine to attach the moss so when you have finished with the wreath a quick snip with the scissors and it can be  recycled and your copper ring  can be bought back next year and we can happily recycle its use with  you .

We will be using a lovely mix of eucalyptus, blue pine and thistles alongside some dried flowers and a bit of glitz if you fancy some ! The ribbon jauntily tied onto the wreath adds another personal detail with silk and velvet ribbons to choose from 


It really is a feast for all your senses as it becomes the welcome to your door for the season ....

This workshop is a little shorter than the previous one and will be for 2 hours and there will be the festive florentines to keep us going ! 

Price is £56

 Dates for the  Christmas wreath workshops. 

 Please pop your preferred date in the notes section of the Cart when you pay for the wreath  workshop 

I will regularly update availability


Wednesday 29th November 10am-12 noon 2 places 

Friday 1st December 10am -12 noon  2 places 

Friday 1st December 2-4pm 3 places 

Friday 1st December 7-9pm 4 places  

Thursday 7th December 10am -12 noon  4 places 

Friday 8th December 10am -12 noon   SOLD OUT 

Friday 8th December 2pm -4pm 3 places 

Friday 8th December 7pm -9pm 2 places 

Saturday 9th December 10am -12 noon  3 places 

Saturday 9th December 2pm-4pm  4 places 

Sunday 10th  December 10am-12 noonSOLD OUT

Sunday  10th December 2pm -4pm SOLD OUT

Click here to book a wreath workshop 

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