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Watercolour paint set, papers, brushes  and fine liner  pen
  • Watercolour paint set, papers, brushes and fine liner pen


    If you have been to any of my watercolour workshops you will have heard me talk about  the importance of buying  good quality watercolour paints as this makes all the difference to your painting experience ... well I  have finally got  myself organised and have popped together a set of my favourite paints for you in a tin with palettes included.

    It's in a canvas bag for you with:


    10 sheets of practice 200gm watercolour paper and

    16 postacrds of 300gm weight cards 

    1 Uni pin fineliner pen

    1 size 0 paint brush 

    1 size 4 paintbrush 

     Full information sheet of paint colours and paper details.


     It has everything you need to get started ...


    These are my favourite paint colours of professional quality paints . All 14 of them are  Daniel Smith paints .They are full of pigment and will give you many months of watercolour painting as you need so little of the paint to achieve lovely results . I have filled the half Pan pots myself and allowed the paint to cure  and  have made a neat paint swatch of the colours included. 

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