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They  really are  rather lovely , A big one  or a mini, they are precious. 

Many of us feel we have no time to finish a project, try a new craft or even dedicate quality time to being creative. We learn so much from creating alongside others, whether its learning  from watching others, swapping skills or ideas , from lovely old Pinterest or just feeling inspired after a good conversation with a kindred spirit ...

 I so  feel the need to sit down and schedule time to be creative and/or finish a project, and I wondered maybe others do too...

At the moment creates are staying small are are being held in my studio in Harpenden but am looking  toward the Autumn and maybe branching out a little into a bigger create session ... For now ,


Mini creates are for up to 4 people

 It differs from a workshop in that I won't be specifically teaching you,  you can just use the space and resources I have in the studio


I will get out some paint , print or stitchy creative bits and will have projects you can join in with  and you can  pay for any resources you use or if you have your own project do bring that ! If you have either been to a workshop and kinda know what you're doing or are happy  to just learn on the job or you just

 want  a bit of time to be creative then book in to a mini create . 


I will  loosely organise them into

"paint mini creates " 

"Print  mini creates "and


"Stitch  mini creates "

 Just so we keep any  mess in the right week ! 

Cost will be £20 for the 2 and half hour create session and this will include
cake and tea and some basic resources for the create session.


 Any extra costs will be  for any additional resources  you want to use  or buy from me (mounts frames etc) And this we can sort out on the day .

Click here to book a mini create and pop date in cart when booking 


 Dates for the mini creates are below :

(and will regularly update the numbers as limiting them to 4 for each create session )

Print mini create session


Paint mini create session 

Wednesday 20th July  10am (3 places)

Stitch mini create session

Wednesday 20th July 7pm (4 places)